Why I Quit Toy Collecting

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If you've seen my posts before or if you know me personally, you'll know that while I'm not the biggest toy collector in the world, I've bought my fair share. In recent years, the appeal of owning and buying and customizing and photographing toys has waned for me. Don't get me wrong, I still think they're awesome and would love to own more toys, but only if toy collecting didn't come with a bunch of the negatives.

I don't know if I'm just growing older or if my interests are just shifting, but here are a few reasons why I can't bring myself to buy more toys.

1. Cost

There was a time when the Toybiz Marvel Legends Series 6 Juggernaut cost Php450.00. Now, it goes from Php 3,500 to Php 5,000 (or maybe less, I haven't been keeping up, and there's a new BAF Juggy). The Toybiz Deadpool goes for Php 4,000, and I've seen the new Hasbro one go for as high as Php 6,000. I mean, who can justify paying for that much for a toy? 

2. Stress

Not being able to find a toy at reasonable prices is one thing - having to hunt for them and compete for the same items among fellow collectors is quite another. I know this is part of the fun of collecting anything, but it never really appealed to me. I enjoyed my collection by playing with and posing my favorite characters. Just having to go through so much trouble for them wore thin for me very quickly.

3. Space

This is one of the main reasons I stopped collecting comics. I know comics don't take up much space but stacks and stacks of them add up really fast. For toys, it's especially difficult. You'd need a display area, and you'l need to keep that display area clean and appealing. Otherwise, it's just storage space.

I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from toy collecting. It's a fun and fulfilling hobby, especially for people like me who didn't really have a lot of toys growing up. There's a very satisfying thrill to collecting your favorite characters and figures. The community behind toy collecting is one of the best, too. Very supportive and very helpful. I love those guys. 

Another upside to toy collecting is the resale value. I'm probably going to focus on electronics and computer/ PC stuff from now on. When you buy electronics, in a few years, your gadget is almost devoid of value largely thanks to depreciation and the rapid pace at which tech advances. With toys, the older your toy gets, the more expensive it usually gets. That's how I was able to buy an Asus ROG PG248Q monitor - through toy sales.

If you're a toy collector, please don't take this as an attack on your hobby. I still love toys. I still appreciate the intricacies of the toy trade. I am still in awe at your wonderful collections. And I still feel a tinge of envy when I see your magnificent and rare pieces. It's just not for me anymore. My geeky path in life has taken a turn in a different direction. Know that I do mean it when I say "happy hunting!"


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