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Lost Castle is an indie game developed by Hunter Studios and published by indie game publisher, Another Indie. Another Indie usually takes games developed in the east and brings them to the west and vice versa. That's their whole business model. 

Today, let's talk about Lost Castle specifically. 

It's a roguelike action RPG, where you resurrect over and over and get stronger over time should your performance be good enough to earn enough currency (soul) to level your character up per run.


Lost Castle is very fun to play with a very fluid combat system. There are five areas to get through all in all, with unique enemies and challenges in each area. I unfortunately haven't been able to get past level 2 because it'll take a lot of leveling up to get my character strong enough to make it past the bosses of the first level. 

There are over 100 items and 50+ potions to utilize. The items range from passive bonuses to health regen to deployable turrets. With potions, there are 50 different effects. So far, I've seen explosive diarrhea, poison effect, spotlighting, and burning. The potion effects are random, so be careful when you use those.

For weapons, there are 100+ different weapon skins, but only a few weapon archetypes. Off the top of my head, these are what I can recall:

Sword and shield
Heavy sword/melee
Double handed melee
Bow and arrow

And then there are 50+ armor pieces, too - they give defense bonuses + change the look of your character.

Every time you die, you're taken to a screen where you can increase your stats. If you did well enough to earn enough soul (the currency) to increase your character's stats, you can buy a stat buff. With every purchase, all the other stat prices increase. Whatever you can't spend, you have to sacrifice before you respawn. That means you have to keep doing progressively better than your last attempt to improve and make progress.

Lost Castle is available at Steam for a very reasonable Php 319.95. Very good as a gift for your gamer friends this Christmas.


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